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We are the sweethearts


We are The Sweethearts


The Sweethearts, founded in 2002, is an all-female a cappella group from Boston University. We are a dynamic group of talented women who share a passion for singing, and our unique arrangements take Boston University’s a Cappella scene to a higher level. This past year the Sweethearts recorded their very first album, Sforzando ! In addition to recording an album, the group has plans to show off their excellent musicality and showmanship at multiple events and venues across Boston this year.

The Sweethearts is a particularly impressive group because of the incredible and diverse individuals from which it is formed. All the women are involved in other activities in addition to a Cappella: dance groups, sororities, some work in the Community Service Center and the IT department, and others are even taking graduate classes! It is these unique individuals who have allowed the Sweethearts to develop into the one-of-a-kind a Cappella group it is today.


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              SONG                                         SOLOIST                                   ARRANGER              

             Rock With You              ||           Jobelle Manuel              ||            Blaine Rinehart

                Bellyache                  ||           Claire Russack               ||            Claire Russack

                Lilac Wine                 ||                 Jenny Li                   ||              Kristin Lunt

                  Hey Ya                     ||           Anna Lynenskjold           ||              Kristin Lunt

          I Know You Won't             ||               Nora Dowd                 ||        Blaine Rinehart

          Before He Cheats            ||            Claire Russack             ||               Anna Martell

  Bills, Bills, Bills/Say My Name ||  Nicole Haftel/Claire Russack  ||  Kristin Lunt/Blaine Rinehart

             River of Tears               ||               Anna Martell              ||               Kristin Lunt

        We Don't Have to Take       ||               Anna Martell               ||             Blaine Rinehart                          Our Clothes Off

                New Rules                  ||            Blaine Rinehart             ||            Blaine Rinehart







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by BU Sweethearts

Sfz, a symbol which marks the place of a Sforzando, a strong and sudden emphasis.

In September of 2014 the new Music Director for The Sweethearts asked the group to try a Sforzando dynamic in the middle of one of our favorite songs, “Laura Palmer.” Unless you’ve taken a few years of piano lessons it’s unlikely you’ve heard of this dynamic expression, as was the case with most of the Sweethearts when our Music Director used this Italian musical term in rehearsal one night. After much laughter at the strange pronunciation (and very casual dropping of such an unusual word), Sforzando soon became one of the Sweeties’ favorite go-to dynamic expressions-- we use it in at least one song each semester.

Two years later, when we were discussing potential titles for our first album late at night, our Music Director jokingly suggested “Sforzando” and everyone laughed, then seriously considered it. We can’t think of a better term that truly encapsulates everything The Sweethearts have become in the past two years: we have changed almost everything about our sound, style, and musical preference to reflect who we are as both individuals and as a single, unified group. We are, quite literally, a strong and sudden emphasis in our Boston University community and throughout Boston in general. We are Sforzando. What better name for our first album?

A special thank-you to Sarah Iwany and Alex Megan for the design-- we absolutely love it!

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A Sweetheart's Christmas

by BU Sweethearts

Are you ready to switch out that Charlie Brown Christmas CD that you listen to every year? The Sweethearts made a Holiday EP featuring many Christmas favorites! Blast this during the winter season to spread some holiday cheer!

YouTube Channel

Days With12.

11.11.17 / Night of BU A Cappella - TSAI Performance Center

Champagne Problems/Like I Would

11.11.2016 / Night of BU A Cappella - Jacob Sleep Auditorium

If I Go 

10.21.2016 / Aca-tober Fest - Jacob Sleeper Auditorium 


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